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This is where we get to share our feedback. Below are clients that took the time out of their very busy schedule to tell us and you, how Melt Canine Massage is doing. We welcome all feedback from our clients; we strive to provide you and your pet with exceptional please make sure to tell us how we are doing and how we can improve.



Our dog, Valentine, is sometimes nervous to be touched by others since she was a stray. However, she needs a little assistance with nerve issues in her leg, so we sought out Melt Canine Massage to help. Due to Julie’s thoughtful touches, kind words, and a positive attitude, she makes Valentine feel safe and secure during each massage session. It’s come to the point where Valentine even approaches Julie for a massage! After every treatment, Valentine melts into a nap, appears calmer, and tends to have less nerve issues in her leg.


Thank you, Julie, for making our girl feel so wonderful after each massage. You are truly making a difference in her life and ours!


Amber S. & Valentine



I have to admit, I was skeptical what massage could do for my lab Fergie.  She's been battling nasal cancer for over a year and I wanted to do whatever I could to help her relax and be comfortable.  I worked with Julie in the corporate world many years ago and know her work ethic and standards (which are high) so I was comfortable placing Fergie in her care.  I thought I'd try massage once and probably wouldn't notice a difference.  Boy was I wrong!  As Julie was leaving that evening, a firecracker went off in the neighborhood.  This typically would have resulted in Fergie panting and cowering, her usual response to loud noises.  I anxiously glanced at her, concerned her blissed-out state was now ruined, but she hadn't even noticed the sound!  The next day while out walking, she displayed none of her typical leash aggression (which has gotten a bit worse since her cancer diagnosis).  She acknowledged other dogs, but a simple "leave it" re-focused her attention and prevented my other lab Bubba from getting worked up from her barking, allowing us all to enjoy our walks in peace.  Even my neighbor noticed as we approached him and his 2 yellow labs--not a peep from Fergie, just a gentle wag as she said hi to Angel and Macy. 

It's been 2 weeks now, and I can tell the massage really helped her.  My holistic vet was very happy to hear how well she responded and encouraged me to try to do 2 per month, so I will be purchasing one of Julie's package deals.  I really like the in-home service, especially since Fergie tends to  stress out in new environments.  If you've been considering it for your own dog, I highly recommend Julie!  She clearly loves animals, has a passion for what she does, and really connects with animals through her gentle energy and loving touch.  Thank you Julie for bringing comfort to my little girl!


Barbara D. & Fergie



I was given a gift certificate for Julie to come to my house and give a massage to my service dog. From the start she was great; she answered emails promptly, was able to get me an appt quickly, and was very interested in getting to know my dog and our routine. 

Gordon liked her right away and she was skilled and patient with getting him comfortable with her.  He truly did seem to "melt" into her and the floor....who knew dogs liked massage as much as we do?  

It was a great gift and I recommend it to anyone looking for their dog to be calmer, more relaxed, and more physically comfortable. Thanks Julie!


Shannon B. & Gordon

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